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3 Tips to make your customers buy your Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags, better known as “tote bags,” have been in style for a few years now. People are not only purchasing them as a sustainable way to carry their groceries, but for many other uses as well. These bags are commonly used for work, beaches, picnics, gyms, and are even replacing purses!

There are countless companies out there selling reusable bags for the sole purpose of daily use and aesthetics while shifting the focus away from them just being a standard practical item. Luckily enough, customers are going crazy over them, and a lot even collect them and show them off on their social media.

However, we have seen that many large retail corporates still have not caught on to this trend, even when they do offer own-brand Recyclable and reusable bags.

Let’s take a deep dive into why the design of your bag matters, and how a well-designed, reusable, eco-friendly shopping bag with nice graphics can really convince your customers to buy your bags rather than someone else’s.

How Can You Get Your Customers to Buy Your Bag?

While the transition from plastic might be unfamiliar and difficult at first, but with the right design, your customers want to purchase your bags as a keepsake or even a treasured item – and they’ll use it for a lot more than just shopping at your store.

The beauty of tote bags is in their versatility. Because they are strong and fashionable enough to be used for many purposes, customers are always more willing to purchase a bag that they will be proud to flaunt everywhere, and not just to pick something up from the supermarket.

So, instead of placing a logo that takes up the entire space of the bag – use the potential space to create a design that people will enjoy regardless, while still honoring your brand identity.

How to Design an Attractive Eco-Friendly Bag

One way to make a reusable bag attractive but still honor your brand is to use the colors that make your company special – such as the hues from your logo or the design concept taken from your brand in general.

By doing this, you are allowing your customers to make a fashion statement while still carrying around a piece of your brand everywhere they go.

A Meaningful Phrase Can Go a Long Way

Speaking of honoring your brand identity, reusable bags do not have to be limited to a plain design. You can speak on the behalf of your brand through the bag – just remember to make it about the initiative, and not too salesy.

Even as trendy bags rise in popularity, so are products with meaningful messages on them. So why not combine the two trends?

Incorporating a slogan or catchphrase that resonates with your customers and represents your brand can be a confident touch that anybody can be able to enjoy.

Make sure the phrase exudes positivity and makes your customer proud to be part of a noble initiative to make the world better!

Give Customers Multiple Options to Explore

By expanding their options, customers will show more interest as they walk past and see a bag that catches their individual eye and aligns with their unique taste.Incorporating the same scheme of colors or elements but with an altered design can help you do this and including small or hidden details specific to your brand can really get your regulars invested and proud to carry your unique bags around.

Make use of the bag’s complete customizability and experiment with designs that you know will appeal to your valuable customers.

Bag The Future’s reusable products are completely customizable! And customers always appreciate variety. So, instead of creating a single uniform design to go on all the bags, create multiple varied designs that customers can choose from.

And there you have it! Now you know how to design bags that will attract customers, why not go one step further and join our Bag for Life initiative? Read more on that here!

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