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Bag the Future offers a wide range of Kraft Paper products, which can be of two kinds: Virgin Kraft Paper, which is usually made from wood pulp, and Recycled Kraft Paper, which is made either from a mix of waste paper and wood pulp or made only from waste papers (100% recycled). Recycled Kraft Papers are our speciality at Bag the Future.

Our brown Kraft Paper bags are not bleached, which means they are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable – the best option for eco-friendly shopping bags and delivery bags for restaurants, shops and more. They are available in a range of designs with different handle options like twisted or flat handles – we also make bags without handles that are ideal for takeaway restaurants.

FSC Certified Kraft Paper Products

Our Kraft Paper bags and the factory unit in which we make these bags are both FSC certified. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) governs the standards for forestry practices to promote environmentally conscious and socially responsible forestry. Bag the Future always meet these high standards set by the FSC, reflecting our care and concern for local communities and their ecosystems.

Kraft paper bags suppliers in Dubai

Square Bottom Paper Bags With Handle

Square Bottom Paper Bags Without Handle

KRAFT PAPER BAGS suppliers in Dubai
KRAFT PAPER BAGS suppliers in Dubai

Square Bottom White Kraft Paper Bags

Why choose Kraft Paper?

  • They make great single-use non-plastic bag that are eco-friendly.
  • They are 100% bio-degradable and replaceable, so they will not accumulate in garbage dumps or pollute the environment
  • Can be recycled to make more bags: this means each Kraft Paper bag, once used and discarded, can be reused over and over, dispatched to a paper plant and revamped into new paper. This makes them even more environment-friendly.
  • Our recycled Kraft Paper bags are strong and tear-resistant
  • They can carry quite a lot more weight than something made of ‘paper’!
  • Kraft Paper is also perfect for a wide variety of custom packaging, which creates a unique identity for your brand, be it for apparel, fashion, tech gadgets, toys, etc.,which customers will love and appreciate
  • These bags are customisable in terms of sizeand we can also print on them. This means we can add your logo, custom pictures, text, and a lot more – which can also be done using eco-friendly paints.

Kraft Paper bags are already being used instead of plastic bags by most of the restaurants and hotels, as well as several chain stores. This makes them the trendy choice even for up-and-coming brands to stand apart.

KRAFT PAPER BAGS suppliers in Dubai

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