Bag For Life

What is Bag for Life initiative and how does it benefit your brand?

Say NO to Plastic: Say YES to Bag for Life

Bag The Future, was started with the main objective of creating a better environment for the generations to come by eliminating plastic. As a manufacturer and distributor of all types of eco-friendly bags and recyclable bags and products, we help companies of all sizes ideate, develop and implement various types of effective solutions to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic altogether.

In order to do this, our latest initiative “Bag for Life” aims to help companies save the planet by reducing the use of plastics while reducing your cost at the same time – all through the increased use of reusable bags and recyclable bags.

In this article, we will help you understand more about this initiative, and why it will benefit both you and your customers, as well as our planet.

What exactly is ‘Bag for Life’?

Bag The Future has created the Bag for Life concept to motivate corporations, to limit their use of plastic. Despite all the promotions and initiatives to eliminate plastic, a majority of stores still carry plastic bags because customers are so used to them. But what would happen if a store encourages customers to not use even a single plastic bag by just buying one reusable bag from the store – just once? That’s the idea behind Bag for Life.

By avoiding handing out hundreds of plastic bags a day every time a customer buys a product, customers will see the value in using just one sturdy, reusable and recyclable bag for a much longer time. At the same time, by joining this initiative, not only will we all be taking the long-overdue action of giving back and caring about our environment and planet, but it will also benefit your corporation tremendously.

It may seem as though plastic bags are cheap and essential; therefore, nobody pays too much mind to their costs. However, did you know that giving each customer a reusable bag that they use say about 20 times reduces the need for new bags by 82%!! Saving yourself from purchasing that many plastic bags that you will later give out for free can save you tons with a very simple and environmentally conscious solution. 

But it doesn’t stop there – each recyclable bag from Bag The Future is made from sustainable, recyclable materials and manufactured ethically under fair-wage conditions at our ISO-certified factories in India. There are a variety of materials you can offer your customers, including jute, cotton, and juco (a combination of jute and cotton) – and we also offer custom designs on the bags, making it that much more personalized.

Why should I give a free replacement?

Under the Bag for Life initiative, we are proposing an extremely innovative way to attract customers: offer them a free bag from your side if ever the reusable bag they bought tears or gets damaged – due to genuine reasons, of course. After all, although our bags are extremely sturdy and durable, accidents do happen.

All corporates need to do is tell the customer: “If your bag is genuinely damaged from natural wear and tear or accidental damages, it will be replaced for free.”

Now you can ask:

“Why would I replace a customer’s Bag for Life free?”

The answer is pretty simple and logical. If you buy 4 or 5 reusable bags, they will replace around 520 plastic bags per year! It is a much greater loss opting to continue the use of plastic bags at your stores rather than occasionally replacing a customer’s Bag for Life. (And don’t worry, they’re very durable).

You can add the note that replacements are only for genuine, accidental damage to bags or natural wear and tear during its lifespan. Replacements will not be provided for deliberate damage done to the bags.

Why should I join the ‘Bag for Life’ Initiative?

As a business owner or procurement manager, you may question the need to buy your own reusable bags at all – especially when plastic bags just seem like a much quicker and easier option. Well, here are a few things that can help you reconsider your answer.

Approximately 5 trillion bags are consumed worldwide every year. That breaks down to 160,000 bags being used and discarded every second!

Even more shocking, data tells us that – whether the bag is actually recyclable or not – only 1% to 2% of all plastic is eventually recycled. What happens to the remaining 98% of plastic we use? It ends up in oceans or landfills. 

This is something that becomes truly concerning when we consider the fact that we use each plastic bag for an average of 12 to 20 minutes only, but it takes them over 1,000 years to degrade!

If even a fraction of the earth’s population decides to stop using plastic, it will make a HUGE difference and have a remarkable impact on our quality of life and environment. That is why you – and everyone you know – should partner with us and become users of  Bag for Life.

Get Started Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Elevate your operations, join our Bag for Life initiative, and make a conscious and cost-effective choice toward a healthier planet. Our reusable bags are extremely affordable and versatile – and remember, a small change makes a big difference to your company and your community.

Think of it as a small act that has a big impact on the environment. Join the Bag for Life family and help us in saving our planet!

Interested to learn more? Contact us today and our representative will take you through the entire process.