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Reasons why eco-friendly reusable bags benefits the businesses, consumers and the environment

Going green is trending globally. Customers are increasingly adapting a green lifestyle and companies are investing in creating eco-friendly and sustainable products. But green lifestyle and businesses cannot stay limited to just products and services, the packaging matters as well!

Here are reasons why eco-friendly reusable bags are beneficial for businesses, consumers and the environment in a long run:


A report presented at the World Government Summit in February 2019 revealed that 11 billion single-use plastic bags are used annually in the UAE. This is equivalent to 1,182 plastic bags per person. According to the new Government policy, customers will be charged 25 fils for every single bag. If we go by the statistics, this would amount up to approximately 296 dirhams annually. However, this cost is incurred by all customers cyclically since single-use bags have zero longevity and need to be purchased over and over again.
On the other hand, reusable bags are priced 2.5 Dirhams onwards and come with a lifetime warranty. This could bring down the expenses incurred by customers by almost 99%, the reusable bags are more cost-effective for customers.

Reusable bags will reduce the need for single-use bags which means the cost incurred in single-use bags will reduce. This cost includes not only the procurement of single-use bags, but also the disposal and recycling costs of these bags. Shifting to providing reusable bags will also tend to attract more eco-conscious customers, thereby increasing the customer base and enhancing brand’s eco-friendly image.
In addition, they can also give a major boost to businesses. Thanks to their durability, reusable bags can endure heavy loads for longer period of time and businesses can customize them for effective brand promotion. Since the bag is reusable, customers can use them often and the frequency of usage enhances brand visibility at comparatively lesser cost than advertising.

The biggest penalty of single-use bags is incurred by the environment. With UAE’s new endeavor, we can expect to see more reusable bags incorporated in businesses, restaurants, malls and retail outlets. It is estimated that this shift from single-use plastics will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases as well as the amount of plastic that enters into the environment.
Overall, the new Single Use Plastic in the UAE policy is expected to channelize the public behavior towards more sustainable practices that will lead to environment conservation in a long run.
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