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Why Juco Shopping Bags are the most popular?

Did you know jute is the most affordable vegetable fiber and second best to cotton in the amount produced and variety of uses?

Juco is a smart and ecological fabric made from a fine blend of jute and cotton. Taking the best properties of the two eco-friendly fibers, juco offers a popular alternative to cotton, jute and canvas bags.

With the recent declaration of the UAE’s policy to ban single-use plastic, industries including retail, hospitality, food services, and e-commerce are actively seeking sustainable alternatives. Abu Dhabi and Dubai may soon experience customers resorting to the trend of ‘bring your own bag’.

With the ongoing changes towards compliance with the new policy, it is time for the brands to look at offering reusable bags for customers to buy in their stores. While there are several options available, Juco bags continue to be a preferred choice for the companies as well as the customers.

Here are 5 reasons behind the popularity of Juco bags: 

  1. Durability:
    Jute lends its high tensile strength to the fabric blend and gives the Juco bags the high durability that they are preferred for. Juco bags rate higher in terms of utility and can be used to carry even heavy items like hardware. They also have higher longevity and can last for up to 12-14 months longer than any other material.
  2. Premium finish:
    Juco fabric derive the advantage of the smooth surface of the cotton fiber. During the manufacturing process, the juco bags also undergo a process of high-quality lamination. Lamination enhances the water-resistant properties of the bag and makes them more presentable with a heightened overall premium touch and feel experience for users.
  3. Sturdiness:
    Laminated juco bags are sturdier than any other eco-friendly options and are favored by many shoppers since they can be used to carry heavy loads of items. The production process enhances the stiffness of juco bags and they maintain their shape even when not in use.
  4. Eco-friendliness:
    Since juco is made from natural fibers, it is 100% bio-degradable. Not only this, jute and cotton are typically the fibers that are obtained without harming the plants in the process. By offering juco bags as an option to your customers, you would also gain popularity as a brand promoting environmental wellness.
  5. Great for branding purposes:
    The smooth surface of juco bags is ideal for printing. Lamination also enhances the colour and beauty of the designs. Juco bags also stand out because they come in various size options and can be used frequently. Overall, juco bags have a fine texture that makes them impactful and perfectly suitable for branding and promotional purposes.

Juco shopping bags are a win-win for the brands as well as the consumers. These eco-friendly bags are manufactured to the highest specifications that provide them incomparable strength and durability as well as a massive branding potential.

Bag the Future is one of the region’s leading manufacturers and suppliers that cater to major supermarkets, retail chains, and hospitality brands. To explore a variety of customized reusable Jute, Juco, Cotton, Canvas, PP Non-Woven, RPET (Recycled PET)and PP Woven bags, get in touch with us. You can email us at for product details and inquiries.

It feels premium – amongst the diff eco-friendly options juco bags look more premium…