Reusable bag

Single-use bags vs reusable bags. What is more beneficial to a business?

A study by a non-profit organization, Conserving Now, revealed that only 1 in every 200 single-use bags gets recycled globally. Besides carrying a decent number of items, these bags do not serve the purpose in long term.

In line with UAE’s initiative to become more environmentally sustainable, the Executive Council of Dubai announced that a tariff of 25 fills will be charged for single-use plastic bags. As an alternative, businesses will be looking at the option of offering reusable bags to customers. However, the practical advantages of reusable bags for businesses go beyond just customer satisfaction. Here are ways in which these bags benefit the businesses:

1. Support for environmental sustainability –

Reusable bags are often called bags-for-life, entailing that these bags come with a lifetime warranty. As a brand, when you switch to offering your customers this option at a certain charge, you are helping the environment by reducing the use of plastic.

2. Marketing and promotional tool –

Sturdy jute, cotton, and jute bags can come in stylish, customizable designs which you can capitalize on by strategically placing your brand’s logo and important details. This enhances the visibility of your brand name. When customers like the design, they tend to use it more frequently and this adds to the recall value of your brand.

3. Promoting eco-friendly brand image –

Offering reusable bags effectively communicates your brand’s commitment to conserving and sustaining the environment. This helps in attracting more consumers who are eco-conscious. As a business, your initiatives can influence the masses and you offer eco-friendly bags to lead by example and raise awareness about environmentally and economically beneficial practices.

4. Cost-effective solution –

Once the initiative as per the new policy is implied businesses will need to charge 25 fils per single-use bag. Switching to reusable bags proves to be more cost-effective for consumers and consequently the business to some extent.

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